Welcome to the New Ninjapenguin!

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Tags: Personal

Welcome to the new ninjapenguin site! As you can see I have decided to drop the old blog that I had built myself in favor of a shiny new Wordpress system. I made the choice for a number of reasons, but basically I could no longer see the point of using the system I had constructed (with its varying quirks) over that of a tried and tested system such as Wordpress . .so here I am!

I have been quite taken with how easy the whole experience has been, I have been trialling the wp install on my local dev sever for a little time, whilst developing the template and experimenting with various plugins and have been pleasantly surprised with the whole thing really.

The theme is a pre-constructed one I found here so all credit should go to the original designer. I have however made a number of modifications, including upgrading the sidebar so that it now supports the Wordpress 2.0 widget system, widening the design and upgrading some of the redundant CSS. There are future changes to come as well, but they are in the pipeline for now!

There are also a few plugins currently running, none of which should be to noticeable in the frontend but hopefully they should help to get a little more out of the system in terms of speed and flexibility. One that should however be quite noticeable is the flickr plugin (author here), its a really nice little plugin which loads images from my flickr stream asynchronously and enables previews using lightbox and links directly back to the original image as well, many thanks to the author for taking the time to put it together.

There is also a google code pretifier installed so if your running Javascript then hopefully any code should be a little more readable.

So for now that is all, hopefully the blog will be a little more active from now on, as I’ll attempt to integrate it with my flickr account and attempt to centralise everything a little more.