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We are currently approaching the closing stages of a fairly large product at work. The application is a fully object oriented, php5 based web application which has made fairly extensive use of new constructs introduced in php5.

The project has been a fantastic learning experience and has really helped with my understanding of developing large scale applications in php, specifically enterprise scale solutions to issues such as portability, scalability, security and efficiency (code optimisation etc).

All the development we have undergone so far has revolved around the use of structuring our application strictly, to make use of a number of currently available frameworks and being able to integrate these seamlessly into our own framework which acts as the scaffolding for all the others.

The application works off of the Model View Controller (MVC) framework, which is pretty much the de-facto currently, but internally makes use of a number of Object Oriented constructs.Another fairly large aspect of what we are doing is the extensive documentation that is going on to support the application.

I have tried to introduce a lot of the skills we were taught in the masters in terms of project management and have really felt like they offer real value in the scope of what we are trying to achieve.

As ever with any project I imagine, there are things that next time I will try and improve upon, but I’m glad to say that so far everything seems to of developed really nicely.