OmniGraffle Greatness!

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Tags: Web Design

OmniGraffle uml chart

Up until very recently any software diagrams I have put together have all been built through Microsoft Visio, however on the tip of a colleague I tried out OmniGraffle from the omni group, from this point on Visio can remain closed!

I love the user interface, as with most things mac it just feels lighter and stuff is generally where you would expect it to be, which makes for a nice and shallow learning curve and less of the head-banging, ‘microsoft-esc’ frustration!

Diagrams are constructed through the standard set of vector tools you would expect combined with a number of pre-set ‘stencils’. These stencils offer a wealth of useful items, however when combined with the power of the community site i stumbled across earlier (graffletopia) the power of stencils really hits home. The site provides a huge number of quality, user submitted stencil sets which can be downloaded and dropped into the program, ready for you to use and customise to your hearts content.

I have been mainly using the program for wireframes at the moment but am planning on creating a small article about product planning documentation and how this can be complimented through the use of OmniGraffle. Hopefully with that article I can include some links to the awesome stencils that i’ve been making use of.

For now I shall continue to familiarise myself with the nifty little program in preperation for my upcoming article.