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The new ninjapenguin mascot!

Well throughout the last couple of weeks there have been a few small changes made to the site which you may or may not of noticed! Mostly this has been making tweeks to the wordpress theme in order that it may be a little more organised and better SE optimised.

You may also have noted the addition to the top right of every page, which is the as-yet nameless and sexless ninjapenguin mascot. The actual penguin I came across on istockphoto and last night a small ‘pimp-my-bird’ competion sparked off between Squib and Jess to see who could ‘ninja’ him up the most.

The nunchuks (seen here) were added by Jess while Squib went with a traditional style bandana and sword (it will make an appearance soon!). So I shall be tweaking the positioning of it slightly and also probably put a script up to randomly display one of the two at the top right.

In addition to the site mascot I have also updated the resume page with some more information, it’s not yet finished as I still want to do something more with the styling but the content side of it is getting there!

You may notice that if you now visit the site home page you will see my bookmarks feed is now appearing. This was a little script written in javascript which makes use of the Magnolia JSON object in order to display a few (currently 3) of my latest bookmarks, I’m actually looking at a way I can effectively load the JSON object asynchronously after the page is done loading as the request to Ma.gnolia can take some time, but in doing so have discovered a bug that means I cant get it working in IE! (would you believe :P)

So as well as those I have also now created a print style sheet for the site, this should make a dramatic difference in the rare case that anyone would like to print any of the information on the site out (you can see what the print will look like by looking at the print preview in your browser!). I am a big advocate of print style sheets and will probably post up a little article focusing on this subject a little later today.

Edit I have also just updated the wordpress install to the latest version (2.3.x i think), was very painless and straightforward, as I have come to expect from wordpress! With the update comes the ability to tag articles now and also the nifty(?) tag cloud to the right. I’m pretty sure it seems a bit faster as well, though that may just be me!