Weekly Update

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‘ninja-my-penguin’ attemp

So in-keeping with my renewed attempt at being active with my ‘blogging’ here is my weekly update;

I have nearly finished the first part of (what I hope to be) my four part series on ‘Real World Project Management’. I’m basically using it as a chance to ramble about project planning/design strategies that I have been adopting recently, and the advantage I think they offer. I am also going to base the series around the construction of a small wish-list application by way of an example, so keep an eye out for the first draft of that!

Last week heralded the arrival of Leopard which I have dutifully installed. On the whole I think its a nice improvement, a couple of minor niggles but nothing worthy of a complaint. The new finder is a big improvement and I’m also pleased to see that it seems to handle my samba sharesin a much more user friendly mannor.

Apple Leopard

I have made a couple of changes to the site yesterday, I finally got around to the asynchronous loading of the Ma.gnolia bookmarks feed I built, and also finished of the flickr photo grabber I wanted for the front page.

Flickr is an awesome online photo storage application (as well as a lot more) and I have been using it for a few months now, so I put together a little bit of javascript to asynchronously grab a JSON feed of my latest uploads and randomly display one on the front page.

By performing all this after the page has loaded with javascript it means I dont have to worry about either of the web services holding up my page; loading the magnolia feed this way for instance has halved the page load time!

I’m growing to love mootools more and more at the moment, as part of the latest project of work I’m doing quite a bit with UI design and its really starting to come into its’ own.

So on top of that I’ve been reading quite a bit about PHP Generics at the moment, it’s a bit of a loose concept within php but I can see it having a real worth in some of the more abstract OO design patterns becoming increasingly common at the moment.

So look out for the first part of the new series of articles which will hopefully appear before next weekend, and enjoy another one of Jess’ ‘ninja- my-penguin’ attempts!