New Article Released! "Modern Project Management"

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Tags: Articles, PHP

So I have just released my next new article, I’m hoping it will be the first of a four-parter based around what I am calling ‘Modern Project Management’. It’s basically my view on steps modern project management should be taking for small to medium sized projects.

The first article is based on Requirements Analysis (the beginning to any great project!) and discusses it’s advantages and some brief points about it. The articles are meant to be short and act as pointers to more valuable and detailed information should you wish to read up on the subject.

I’m going to base the articles around a small project ‘the ninjapenguin wish list’ application which should act to as a nice little demonstration for some of the topics covered, so go and have a read!

With any luck the serious will be ready before Christmas so I will be able to put the wish list app to the test!

Read the article here