Wishlist Application

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Ninjapenguin Wishlist logo

So today I got around to writing up the accompanying ‘article’ for my small wishlist application. The app was written in conjunction with the miniseries I wrote on ‘Modern Project Management’ (of which I’m still formatting the last article).

The app was used over christmas by me and a few friends and seemed to serve its purpose! (I did quite well off of my list :P).

Written in CodeIgniter with a generous splash of Mootools thrown in for some AJAX’y goodness the app is quick and liteweight and allows users to create a list, add and delete items (asynchronously) and mark other users items as bought. The app also has a built in help system.

Check out the article here for some screenshots, or alternatively head over to the application and sign up at htt p://www.ninjapenguin.co.uk/wishlist/signup.

The application was only written as a proof of concept, not as a production level app so if you find any bugs then just give me a shout.I have written a few useful small Javascript classes that I will be posting up separately, including a form validation class and a modal pop up class, so keep an eye out for them!

Read the article here