Kohana Curl Library

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So Curl is awesome! But due to my goldfish-esc memory working with it is always a lesson in searching the docs. The great thing with working with a framework is that such tasks can easily be adapted to your own way of working. The great(est?) thing about Kohana is that it is just so damn adaptable, it provides you with a shed load of functionality right out the box, but it’s true power (to me) is that it is easy to adapt to my way of thinking and my way of developing. Add to that the fact that adding extra stuff is laughably easy (if it hasn’t been done allready) and you have a mighty powerful weapon.

I needed a bit of twitter integration for something I was doing, which required some use of Curl. I could of bundled this in with the Twitter library but like a good modular, OO programmer I seperated the logic out into its own library: the Kohana Curl library was born.

OK, after all that great white hype the lib is VERY basic, and as stated before works around my way of thinking so may not suit everybody, but if you have any requests / suggestions then I’d love to hear them!

Usage Examples
[code lang=“php”] [/code]

[code lang=“php”] ‘beer’, ‘eat’ => ‘meat’)); ?> [/code]