Kohana Twitter Library

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Tags: Kohana, PHP

I previously posted the Curl library that came about as a result of needing this Twitter integration for something I was doing, so I thought it would be rude not to post up the twitter library as well!

I gues you could say twitter has become fairly popular (follow me at ninja_p) So if this library helps anyone out then feel free to take advantage of it. As usual any comments, critisism and/or requests are greatly received!

Check it out over on github

Usage Examples [code lang=“php”] //Return latests 20 status updates in xml (default is json) var_dump($t->get_status(‘xml’));

//Set a new status var_dump($t->set_status(‘Just got through with dinner’));

//Delete a status var_dump($t->delete_status(‘status_id_int’));

//Get the latest 20 replies var_dump($t->get_replies());

//Get all the info on the current user var_dump($t->get_user_info()); ?>


For more info check out the inline documentation – should be fairly self explanatory